How to Detox Your Liver: Diet, Liver Supplements & Habits

When toxins enter your stomach in food or beverages, the liver intercepts them before they can reach your veins and circulate throughout the body. You may benefit from taking steps to detoxify this organ. However, it’s vital to exercise caution and avoid deceptive hype. Some detoxification products and diets can do more harm than good. These techniques generally produce more reliable benefits:


The best way to detoxify your liver is to prevent toxins from entering it in the first place. Don’t smoke cigarettes, use drugs or drink too much alcohol. Stay away from sources of air pollution when possible. These actions will reduce the likelihood that you’ll overburden your liver and damage it. This organ can clean itself with greater success if it doesn’t collect toxins in excessive quantities.


Your liver will benefit if you forgo vegetable oil and fats that come from animals. Minimize your consumption of fried food for the best results. Keep in mind that shellfish may harm the liver by causing hepatitis if you eat it raw. You can help detoxify this vital organ by avoiding beverages that contain caffeine and/or sugar, such as soda, coffee and energy drinks.

Now that we’ve ruled out so many beverages, you might wonder what you should drink. Green tea provides an appealing choice. Its antioxidants benefit both the kidneys and liver. This may limit the harm caused by alcohol or hepatitis. You can also remove toxins from your liver by consuming around seven mugs of water each day. Pure, clean water delivers a tremendous variety of health benefits.


Although more research is still needed, milk thistle supplements hold considerable promise. Many natural food shops and online retailers sell them. This product comes from milk thistle seeds; it is usually sold in capsule form. Some European studies have indicated that the supplement can help prevent liver damage and repair existing harm. Milk thistle is also known as silymarin or silybum marianum.

Various minerals and vitamins will aid efforts to detox your liver. They include magnesium, beta-carotene and zinc. Vitamins A, B, C and E also yield valuable benefits. Try to gain these nutrients from fresh produce, such as sweet potatoes and oranges. When this isn’t convenient or affordable, consider taking multivitamins or supplements that contain specific minerals. Read the directions carefully; many nutrients can become harmful if you consume them excessively.

Think about taking dandelion root supplements. They help to detoxify this organ and prevent or counteract liver disease. This supplement causes toxins to exit the body more rapidly. Dandelion root also boosts your immune system, so it can shield you from viruses. A downside is that you may need to visit the bathroom more frequently. Dandelion leaves are potentially helpful as well, but they primarily benefit the kidneys.

Schizandra provides another desirable option for people who want to protect their livers. Further research remains necessary, but clinical trials involving animals indicate that this Asian herb improves liver health. It may help to counteract hepatitis, especially when combined with multiple herbs from Eastern Asia. Chinese medicine practitioners also use schizandra to treat patients with indigestion, premenstrual syndrome, persistent coughing or influenza. It remains a popular natural medicine in China.

The efficacy of each treatment varies and some supplements work better or worse for every individual. Consequently, it’s best to combine techniques from all three categories if you want to fully detox your liver. For instance, you might quit smoking, limit yourself to one glass of wine, drink green tea and take high-quality milk thistle supplements. This could have many positive effects on your health.

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