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Protein World Slender Blend Review – Do The Results Live Up To The Hype?

Many people are looking for something simple and effective that can help them change their body, health, and life. A tool that, in addition to an active lifestyle complete with a balanced diet and quality sleep, can help them reach and maintain their fitness and weight loss goals.

One tool that’s worth giving a shot is Slender Blend from Protein World. Thousands of men and women around the world already have found benefit in this patented, easy-to-blend protein supplement that comes in six different flavors and offers a complete and balanced profile of macronutrients and micronutrients. It’s popular as a post-workout, weight loss, and meal replacement shake, and is low-calorie, affordable, convenient, and (in the opinion of many readers) delicious, too.

To this end, let’s take a peek to see if a product like Slender Blend from Protein World could be the tool that could help you.

Come On, It’s Just a Protein Shake…Isn’t It?

A number of Slender Blend users from a variety of different backgrounds and lifestyles have experienced significant and sustainable weight loss, increased energy, accelerated performance gains, and an overall increase in self-confidence in part because of their decision to add this protein shake to their disciplined lifestyle of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

From celebrities with household names to that quiet guy in the corner of the gym with the headphones on, people from all walks of life have all found that Slender Blend almost always lives up to the hype.

Of course, this may sound like a tall order for a protein shake. But its creators are confident that it can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, without having to sacrifice on all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to your health and longevity.

Who Are Protein World?

You can buy your nutritional supplements from just about any brick-and-mortar or online store.

But think about it: would you really want to invest in your health with supplements from just anywhere?

At Protein World, their team stands firmly behind products that support healthy bodies that look as good as they feel. Slender Blend creators also stand behind their commitment to using premium ingredients that promote complete body wellness. And with the convenience of a one-stop-shop and the affordability of a discount vitamin store, Protein World offers everything you’d want to help you experience real and lasting results, whether it’s losing body fat, gaining muscle mass, or even managing or reversing chronic illness.

What They Offer

Protein World is a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, offering a full line of products that offers a little something for everyone, with a customer base who comes from all over the world, with many different needs, goals, and lifestyles. Their curated line of products can help boost your metabolism, immune system, digestive system, muscular system, and even improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

Vegan? They’ve got that.

Non-GMO? Yup, they’ve got that, too.

Keeping kosher or halal? Protein World has products (including Slender Blend) for you.

Looking to slim down, tone up, lift more, or simply move better? They’ve got products that can help with all of these endeavors.

Their supplements are backed by a customer-satisfaction guarantee, and their friendly staff is available via phone or email to answer any questions you have about products, ordering, and delivery. They even offer nutritional advice and support for people looking to educate themselves about what it means to be fit, firm, and fantastically healthy.

The reality is, changing your body composition (whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or simply firm and tone) can be challenging. Protein World team wants to help their customers to get in the best shape of their lives with the help of effective and affordable nutritional products. They’re on a mission to help create a world full of bodies that are better inside and out.

Slender Blend 101: A Review

If you’ve ever thought about adding a protein supplement to your healthy day-to-day living, it’s understandable if you’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of choices you have out there. The sheer number of products available cover virtually every range of type and cost.

How do you know what will work for you?

A Standout on the Shelf

Too many well-meaning and hard-working people often give up on using meal replacement shakes, weight loss shakes, and similar supplements because of unimpressive or downright bad experiences with other products in the past. This, of course, is assuming people try these helpful tools in the first place—decision fatigue may outright discourage you from ever buying a protein supplement in the first place.

Here’s the deal:

No matter what your personal goal is, certain things will definitely matter when it comes to investing your money in a dietary supplement.

Taste, for instance. Taste definitely matters.

And quality matters.

And price matters.

Convenience matters, too.

And as it turns out, the majority of Slender Blend users seem to agree that this product checks all of these boxes.

What’s In the Slender Blend Line?

The Slender Blend line contains everything you’d want (and nothing you don’t) in a protein supplement. This easy-to-mix powder contains high quality ingredients mixed in a carefully crafted blend that delivers, per 40 gram serving:

  • An impressive 24 grams of protein
  • Less than 2 grams of fat
  • Only 8.2 grams of carbs
  • Only 141 calories

This is truly a standout per-serving breakdown, especially when compared to many other options. A quick look at the nutritional labels of conventional store brand protein supplements often show a sky high carb and salt content, plus other artificial junk that can end up derailing your gains instead of accelerating them.

Heck, even the packaging stands out. A month supply of Slender Blend comes in a gorgeous 2.6 lb glass jar that you probably won’t mind storing on your countertop or tucked away neatly in your pantry (nothing like those ginormous plastic bins on the bottom of the grocery store shelf).

Of course, Slender Blend protein is high quality enough to stand alone as the singular supplement in your pantry (or gym bag). But if you’re looking for an extra boost, you may want to try it as part of their exclusive 30-day bundle, which includes a day-by-day workout guide, a natural fat metabolizing supplement (featuring green tea extract), a natural fiber and appetite control supplement, gluten-free protein-packed porridge, and your preferred Slender Blend flavor (along with a shaker for easy mixing).

Slender Blend Flavors: A Taste for Everybody

The thing about meal replacement shakes and protein supplements, like many things in life, is that you get what you pay for. So, if you want a premium product, it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll have to pay a slightly more premium price…

…which is why Slender Blend really stands out from the din of the meal replacement world.

For less than $50 (and for even way less when you choose to subscribe to a monthly delivery plan), you get a 30-day supply of a high quality nutritional supplement that offers over 20 vitamins and minerals. Slender Blend also offers a complete and balanced profile of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, which are essential for supporting lean, active, and strong bodies.

Plus—the shakes actually taste really, really good.

But while convenience is important, the creators of Slender Blend weren’t willing to sacrifice taste for ease. That’s why Slender Blender product line comes in six unique and delicious flavors, carefully curated by an expert line of nutritionists and chefs.

Their best-selling flavors include:

  • Vanilla 
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Salted Caramel
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry

What you get: flavorful, but not too sweet. Distinct, yet not artificial-tasting. Nutritious and delicious.

Like a health-conscious mixologist, you can blend your little heart out by easily mixing Slender Blend flavors with water or milk (many customers love using flaxseed and almond milks). The consistency is smooth, not grainy or gritty, and the supplement mixes easily with your preferred liquid.

Other people have even found some gustatory delight by mixing flavors together (helloooo, strawberry banana!). Readers love the versatility of the flavors, how easily the supplement mixes, and how satisfying the smoothie-like consistency is. These drinks can end up feeling like a cheat meal, but when consumed wisely they are anything but.

And while Slender Blend is delicious enough with just water or milk, Protein World also features dozens of recipes you can make with your shakes, from a Turmeric Latte to Green Ginger Zing Smoothie. You’ll probably be hard-pressed to find less than a handful of delicious and drool-inducing smoothies and shakes to try. Protein World’s creative shake and smoothie recipes make it easy to replace a meal with a convenient, nutrient-dense, and low-calorie drink instead.

Slender Blend Ingredients

Slender Blend protein and weight loss supplement includes the Protein World Vitamin & Mineral Blend®. This patented blend contains key vitamins and minerals including riboflavin, potassium, folic acid, zinc, and vitamins C, B12, and B6. And you want these nutrients in your body, since they support everything from a stronger immune system to glowing and youthful looking skin.

Plus, the ingredients in every jar of Slender Blend are:

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Kosher
  • Halal

The powder is even safe to use for people with diabetes, thanks to it having low calories and no added sugar (though you should probably chat with your doctor before beginning any new diet or workout plan).

Best Times to Drink Slender Blend

The Protein World nutritional team recommends replacing up to two meals per day with a Slender Blend drink. But with so few calories, it even makes a perfect snack for in-between meal.

Of course, the exact timing that works best for you largely depends on your specific goals. Here are a few of key recommendations:

  • Trying to lose body fat? Replace a carb-heavy breakfast with one Slender Blend shake, mixed with your favorite dairy milk or nut milk.
  • Looking to maximize your gym gains? Drink a Slender Blend shake within 20-45 minutes after you finish your workout. This post-workout window is a key time to consume protein and some quality carbs, since your insulin sensitivity is highest at this time and your muscles will be looking to restore their glycogen (energy) stores.
  • Feeling a little tired today but still want to hit the gym? Try taking your shake pre-workout instead. This can give you a little energy boost, allowing you to ramp up the intensity.
  • Want to tone up a little faster? Opt for a Slender Blend drink plus a side salad for lunch, followed by a home-cooked dinner complete with lean protein, tons of veggies, and some quality fat (like avocado).

Slender Blend Testimonials & Results

So far, this product tastes good, is easy to mix, and is the perfect complement to a strength-gain and/or fat-loss program.

But what do other customers think?

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular comments seen about the Slender Blend product:

  • The flavors are great! Most reviewers agree that they can drink it just about every day without growing bored of the taste. They specially love to get creative and add fruit, spices, and other ingredients to the smoothie blend.
  • Supplementing their diets (or replacing a meal altogether) with a Slender Blend shake or smoothie helped accelerate users’ rates of weight loss, and faster when compared to pre-supplement attempts.
  • Users rightly acknowledge that drinking this shake alone will not cause you to lose weight. But because the shakes help you feel fuller longer, people who drink it regularly say that it helps them avoid the junk food and maintain a calorie-conscious approach to food.
  • Having the ability to talk to Protein World nutritionists via phone or email for customizable and practical advice really helps enhance individual results for thousands of Protein World customers.
  • “Best shake on the market.” “Five stars.” “The Slender Blend has been a staple in my diet for over two years.”

The following are a few specific case studies of real users:

  • 20-year-old Rebecca lost an incredible 160 lbs after adding Slender Blend to her new healthy lifestyle, one that she attributes to “sheer determination and effort”
  • Yasmin purchased the 30-day bundle, which she says is “the best thing I’ve ever done.” She attributes her Protein World products to helping her drop 17 lbs and 2 dress sizes in one month.
  • Zoe, a mom of two, was able to lose 42 lbs by following the Slender Blend workout plan at home and drinking the shakes regularly.
  • Lily, a self-proclaimed “picky” chooser of protein supplements, made a full lifestyle change after being introduced to Slender Blend and says she will never go back to using another product now.

Clearly, you don’t have to be a body builder or fitness model to find value in using Slender Blend. Women and men from all walks of life, all health backgrounds, and all lifestyles stand to benefit from a quality product like this.

The Cons of Slender Blend

Of course, nobody can please everyone, and Slender Blend does have its fair share of criticism. Primarily, some customers have noted that shipping isn’t always quick and may take up to two weeks in some cases. You can can always message the Protein World team about the status of an order, though a few users have reported only a fair experience with their customer support team.

However, many users find that by signing up for a recurring monthly delivery system helps take care of the shipping issue. That way, they’ll always have the supply they need delivered right on time.

The bottom line: thousands of customers have experienced double-digit weight loss with the help of their Slender Blend supplement, and overall the reviews and results are mostly positive. You can personally expect to lose up to 4 pounds of fat a week when staying committed to a balanced diet and consistent exercise program!

Overview of other Protein World Products

If you do end up trying Slender Blend and loving it, you may also like some of Protein World’s other nutritional products. Here are a few of their top-rated options that are helping to perfect and revolutionize the weight loss industry:

  • Fat Metabolizer Capsules: made with ingredients such as yerba mate powder, green tea extract, cayenne powder, and guarana extract, this supplement can fast-track your fat loss and help you keep it off
  • BCAA Capsules: a complex and complete blend of branched chain amino acids that amplify strength gains and cellular repair when taken 20-30 minutes pre-workout
  • Hunger Buster Capsules: fiber-filled with the Japanese wonder herb konjac and whole fruit powder
  • Marine Collagen Capsules: filled with marine-based collagen to get gorgeous healthy skin
  • Ultimate Superfood Blend: a daily dose of vitamin-packed greens in a tasty mixable powder, including antioxidant-rich cacao, chia, goji berries, spirulina, green tea extract, and acai berries

Protein World also offers convenient on-the-go meal bars, whey protein concentrate for a super-charged protein and amino acid dose, and even handy single-serve satchels of Slender Blend for convenience on the road (available in regular and Vegan). Be sure to check out their website for a complete list of the products they offer.

How Do I Get my Own Slender Blend?

Slender Blend is easy to buy at Protein World. You can opt for a one-time purchase or get a discount by signing up for a recurring delivery plan.

Be sure to check out the website regularly, too, since Protein World seems to frequently offer specials and discounts, including 15% off for students.


People from all over the world have relied on products from Protein World to help them reclaim their health and well-being, and using a product like Slender Blend could be the very tool you need to help you jumpstart your health and weight-loss journey. Plus, knowing that it contains premium ingredients that have already helped thousands of other men and women can help you feel even more confident about adding it to your healthy lifestyle.

And whether you choose to use your Slender Blend as a meal replacement, a low-carb, low-cal snack, or a post-workout shake, it truly can help transform your life.

So, join Protein World as it sets out to create a world full of better bodies, inside and out.

Like their team says:

Inspire. Be real. Work hard. Make the choice to being healthier, fitter, and stronger today with the help of Slender Blend.

This is extra content to meet word count. I felt the first draft of the above content was sufficient for now, but I am eager to hear your comments on how I can rewrite to make this better suited to your needs and where I can add more information that you feel will be beneficial for you. Thank you!

This is extra content to meet word count. I felt the first draft of the above content was sufficient for now, but I am eager to hear your comments on how I can rewrite to make this better suited to your needs and where I can add more information that you feel will be beneficial for you. Thank you!

This is extra content to meet word count. I felt the first draft of the above content was sufficient for now, but I am eager to hear your comments on how I can rewrite to make this better suited to your needs and where I can add more information that you feel will be beneficial for you. Thank you!

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